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11 DIY Scrap Wood Projects You Can Build Today (With Pictures)

Wooden Flower Pot

Wooden Flower Pot

Do you have a huge pile of scrap wood from previous projects? Don’t toss it out just yet. There are still tons of new things you can create with it!

Scrap wood is great for small, quick, and easy projects. And when they’re complete, you’ll never be able to tell that they are made from leftovers. Here are 11 cool projects that you can DIY with your scrap heap.

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The 11 DIY Scrap Wood Projects

1. Coasters

DIY scrap wood coasters
Image Credit: This Woodwork

Learn how to build coasters from scrap wood with this plan! Coasters are wonderfully simple projects that can be built with scraps. They don’t require a ton of material and creating an entire set will still leave you with plenty of leftovers. Similar to cutting boards, you can create endless patterns and designs. These also make incredible gifts for loved ones.

2. Picture Frames

DIY picture frames from old barn wood
Image Credit: ehow

Picture frames are a classic piece to craft with leftover project wood. Wooden picture frames can be quite expensive. However, with the right know-how, you can create picture frame masterpieces for just pennies on the dollar and do so in the same time it would take to drive and pick one up from the store.

3. Planter Boxes

DIY rustic reclaimed wood planter box
Image Credit: Online Lumber Store

Do you have a green thumb? Planting a beautiful garden or growing vegetables is a great hobby. And that’s where planters come in handy. Raised bed gardening can provide some of the easiest and most rewarding yields.

4. Bathmats

DIY teak bath mat
Image Credit: Preferred Living

Cloth bathmats are magnets for mold and mildew. And they’re found in just about every home. However, you can create a much better alternative using your scrap wood! Wooden bathmats are much more resistant to mold and mildew, easier to clean, and don’t stain as easily. Plus, you won’t experience that mushy feeling underfoot after exiting the shower. Win-Win.

5. Wine Racks

DIY wood wine rack
Image Credit: pine + popular

Looking for a practical and stunning centerpiece? Try putting together a unique wine rack. They’re relatively simple to create and make for great conversation starters. Don’t be surprised if your friends and family ask you to create their very own.

6. Floating Shelves

DIY floating shelves
Image Credit: Mecraftsman

You can never have enough shelving. And if you have any spare planks and brackets lying around, you can create some stunning shelves. They only take as long to create as the effort and detail you put into them. But for a super basic design, you can have them up in minutes.

7. Cake Stands

DIY wood cake stand
Image Credit: House Becoming Home

Cake stands are some of the handiest tools you can have as a baker. They not only provide a decorative serving platter for your confectionaries but also a sturdy platform to decorate on. And with a few scrap wooden discs, you can put one together with little to no effort.

8. Cat Scratching Post

DIY scratching post
Image Credit: Creative Time

Tired of your kitty tearing up your furniture? Build them a proper scratching post. With just a couple of pieces of wood for the base and a vertical post wrapped in sisal rope, you can help train your cat to stop scratching your nice furniture.

9. Trivets

DIY scrap wood trivets
Image Credit: 3×3 Custom

Trivets are unsung heroes of our world. They help to prevent our tables from sustaining heat damage from hot pots and pans. They can come in many different designs with varying degrees of difficulty to construct. However, they all have one thing in common. Wooden trivets are an exceptional way to make use of your scrap pile.

10. Bookends

DIY angular wood bookends
Image Credit: Etsy

Every bibliophile needs some great bookends for their shelves. They serve two major purposes: to keep bookcases organized and to add character while doing so. They’re extremely simple to put together and can provide great aesthetic depth to an otherwise drab set of books.

11. Smartphone Speaker

DIY scrap wood cell phone amplifier
Image Credit: Instructables

Smartphones can do a lot of things, but it seems as if their speakers are never loud enough. And while you can always set them in a bowl for a low-cost impromptu speaker, a natural wooden speaker always produces a much better-amplified sound. There are tons of plans available for these online—each of which can be crafted with scraps.

Featured Image Credit: meineresterampe, pixabay


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