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10 Free DIY Garage Cabinet Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

A man woodworking

A man woodworking

A garage workshop can quickly become a sawdust-filled mess, and finding the right tool when you need it can become a frustrating endeavor. It’s time to use those tools to build an organized storage cabinet.

There are several types of cabinets that you can easily build yourself with a little DIY knowledge, a few basic tools, and hard-earned sweat equity. We’ve put together a list ranging from small compact spaces to enormous storage units. Hopefully, you’ll find the one to suit your needs, and learn how to build garage cabinets of your very own.

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The 10 DIY Garage Cabinet Plans

1. DIY Sliding door cabinet from

diy sliding door cabinet
Image Credit: Woodworking for Mere Mortals

This sliding door garage or workshop plan is perfectly suited for the beginner DIY enthusiast and will fit into most garage spaces. A height of 49½ inches and a width of 37½ inches make it the perfect size to store unwanted table clutter. These are detailed and easy-to-follow plans with simple construction and no tricky joints or complex techniques. The only specialized parts you’ll need to buy are the plastic door runners for the sliding door to move on.

2. DIY Mobile garage cabinet from

diy mobile garage cabinet
Image Credit: Sawdust Girl

This mobile cart cabinet is a great addition to any garage workshop. A moveable cabinet makes your workshop efficient and tidy. It’s a slightly more complex project with the addition of wheels, but it’s a worthwhile project to undertake nonetheless.

This plan clearly outlines all the materials you need and has a detailed, step-by-step guide of the entire building process.

3. DIY Large wood cabinets from

diy large wood cabinets
Image Credit: Family Handyman

These wood cabinets are inexpensive, enormous, and easy to DIY. The entire cabinet is made from just two materials: plastic-coated particleboard and pine. It’s a big job but a fairly easy one even for the inexperienced woodworker. You can build these cabinets with a few hand tools and a drill, but of course, a table saw will save you time! It’s a highly detailed guide and well worth reading through, no matter your final plans.

4. Giant DIY storage cabinet from

giant diy garage cabinet
Image Credit: Family Handyman

This is a step-by-step plan for a giant sliding-door storage cabinet. It will give you plenty of space to store bulkier items in your garage, like camping equipment and power tools. It is designed to hang off the wall, keeping it dry and mold free. It’s an easy-to-build project, and this plan outlines all the tools and materials needed.

5. Large DIY storage cabinets from

diy garage storage cabinets
Image Credit: Tidbits & Company

If you need more than just a few extra shelves, this plan is perfect for you. It is step-by-step instructions on building large garage cabinets big enough to store almost anything. It’s the perfect plan if you have bulkier items that need to be stowed away, like camping and fishing equipment or large power tools.

6. Simple DIY wall-hanging cabinets from

diy garage storage cabinets
Image Credit: Instructables

This plan outline from Instructables was created with simplicity in mind, made using only glue, nails, and screws — no fiddling around with brackets and counter-sinking holes. It goes in-depth with detailed photos and specifications every step of the way. It’s the perfect plan for a beginner DIY enthusiast or woodworker, as no specialized skills are required.

7. DIY Shaker cabinet plans from

diy cabinets
Image Credit: Shanty2Chic

This is a plan designed with woodworkers in mind. Every woodworker knows how sawdust can get everywhere, and these plans are designed by a woodworker who was tired of exactly that. The plans are highly detailed and provide useful progress photos. This plan teaches you how to build garage cabinets that are wall mounted, so you can have useful space underneath them for a pegboard or workbench.

8. Oversized Garage Storage Cabinets by

DIY garage cabinet
Image Credit: Hgtv

If you want floor-to-ceiling garage storage cabinets, this plan from HGTV is for you. They’re extremely large, oversized storage cabinets, which means there’s plenty of space for everything you have shoved in your garage.

And while it’s certainly a bigger project from the size of the cabinets alone, the guide does a great job of breaking down everything you need and all the steps you need to follow to get it done. Just ensure you have plenty of space in your garage for the cabinets in the end because there’s no denying that they’re huge!

9. Functional and Affordable Garage Cabinets by

DIY garage cabinet
Image Credit: Simplyalignedhome

Functional and affordable is right up our alley, which is why these garage cabinets from Simply Aligned Home are worth checking out. The plans themselves are fairly customizable too, and since they use a corner design, there are plenty of ways to maximize the space in your garage with it.

They’re not going to wow anyone with their appearance, but, like the name says, it’s functional. It does everything you could want from garage storage cabinets.

10. Garage Cabinets and Miter Saw Station by

DIY garage cabinet
Image Credit: Jennasuedesign

If you’re like us, your garage is more than just a place to park your car. Your garage also acts as a workspace, and you need a garage cabinet that recognizes that. This garage cabinet plan with a miter saw station by Jenna Sue Design does just that.

Not only does it give you a ton of storage space in your garage, but, as the name implies, it also doubles as a workbench with a dedicated spot for a tool like a miter saw. This is a great workbench for any DIY crafter, which is exactly who you are if you’re looking to build your own garage cabinets!


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Every garage workshop needs extra space, and building a DIY cabinet is a fun project with great utility. We hope that you’ll find these guides useful and that they help you get started on your DIY cabinet today.

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Featured Image Credit: Cleyder Duque, Pexels


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